Serious Pug

Meet our royal pug with his serious look. This illustration suits both nurseries and home decor, for any age and any event. I personally, like the pug and the cat with attitude prints together. They have the same drawing style, same subject and attitude :)

I've collected a few popular items with our pug art, so here we go:
1. The above framed pug poster - from a certain size- it's definitely going to be your room's centerpiece :) Smaller sizes are super fun to have as a single frame or as a part of a group (ehhm, check out our cat poster if you still haven't). Find our framed pug posters here-

2. Pug tote bag - I just love those totes. Can't say it enough! :) It's chic and fun and you can choose your handles color. See it here-

3. Pug wall clock - Yes, this is on the popular items list, and it's time fo…

Easter bunny simple craft for toddlers

We went on a family vacation and I almost forgot to upload this cute Easter craft idea. I think it's a good one for toddlers with super short attention span haha :)  What I did is- cut a bunny silhouette and paste it over a folded card. Then you can choose your colors and tools - sponges, brushes and even hands. Paint / stamp around the bunny silhouette,  then, add some glitter, a bunny pom pom tail and only if you want - googly eyes and a face, but it looks good without as well.   You can make an Easter card that way or just make it for fun. Although I have a feeling some grandparents would be very happy receiving this from their grand kids :) 

In short- * Bunny silhouette (choose your favorite from google)
* glue
* a folded card
* acrylic paint for kids
* a pom pom
* google eyes (optional)
* glitter (not so optional :D )

Cut the bunny and paste it loosely on the card.
Paint / stamp around it.
Add some glitter
Glue the pom pom
Remove the bunny you've pasted to reveal the hid…

Earth layers vegetable garden

This is one of our first illustrations, we love it because it's both fun and educational. It suits not only kids but adults as well and can be a perfect gift for a new house or a kitchen renovation.
And also, what a fun way for kids to learn about the earth layers and how veggies grow, it can open a great opportunity to start a fun, educational conversation!
Here's a link to this vegetable garden framed print-

 Another fun thing to do with this illustration is, of course, shopping! I have this tote and it goes everywhere with me, it's comfy and large enough for your shopping or even-- baby stuff! Yes, I carry the extra clothes and diapers in there too :D
Here's a link to the vegetable garden tote bag in the picture-

and another type of a tote, with different handle col…

Hot Solar System Items

Hey All! As I mentioned before (probably many times haha), the Solar System art piece is one of our best sellers, but I think most people know or saw it on a t-shirt or a poster, and therefore missing some of the best items (in my opinion) and best gifts on our shop.
I chose what seems to me the more unique gifts for any child (and not only), so if you're looking for a birthday gift, a party theme or just some fun geeky stuff, make sure to have a look and share if you can :)

Let's starts with our Solar System bedding options-

This gorgeous Solar System kawaii duvet cover is the perfect gift for space loving kids. If you're designing a space themed kids room, this item is a must! Fun, cute and educational and most important so unique, you won't find it anywhere else.

Here's the link to this queen/twin duvet on our shop- 

If you prefer a white color inside rather than cr…


Let's talk about this orange cat with attitude of ours (or "catittude".. get it? haha :D )
It's one of our favorites and it's so simple, yet (in our opinion), describes cats so good! Especially when they do silly things in a very serious way :)

Our favorite and our current shower curtain at home-
These cat shower curtains are the best way to upgrade your bathroom design with a low budget.
Make this cat shower curtain your bathroom centerpiece and you're all set!

See it here-

This cat mug is definitely a fun gift for your friends-
Perfect for students, kids, cat lovers and even crazy cat ladies :)

We have several types of this cat mug-
The one in the picture 11oz-

15oz mug-

Moon and stars kids craft

I love this one. My 3 year old really loves the moon and the stars so I made this activity for him. He painted the background in blue-purple colors to represent the night (just for the dramatic, more interesting side of it). Then he glued the moon I cut before hand, some stars stickers and of course- my favorite part- glitter! (Added the glitter over the wet paint..)

And in case anyone was wondering (probably not) - there are 2 versions because I foolishly thought my 1.8 year old would like to paint as well. lol. I ended up making one of my own haha.

What you'll need-
- A blank thick paper
- Stars stickers
- Moon of your choice - I made this out of a mirror like paper I found.
- Acrylic night colors (or any other type) in blue, purple, pink shades.
- glue

How to prepare-
The fun part is to make a routine. Add all the ingredients in a "Craft box" the same one every time so your kids would recognize it after a few times. Prepare EVERYTHING in advanced because yo…

Dream big poster and our hot air balloon nursery art

One of the most searchable nursery art is our Dream Big quote and the hot air balloon illustration. We actually have several illustrations of many different products so I thought I should make a short list of my favorites!

 Lets stars with our best seller- this hot air balloon nursery art is decorated with many little Indian style decorations and has a little funny cat in it's basket! In blue, pink and cream- suitable for both baby boys and girls rooms.

Find it here-

This one's a retro hot air balloon illustration with a cute raccoon in it's basket. I like it especially on this fleece blanket with a fluffy plush side.
It's currently available in a large size but soon (make sure to check!) will be added in infant size as well!

Find it here-…