טיול במערכת השמש מאת לירון אלוף

טיול במערכת השמשמאת לירון אלוף

הצטרפו למסעם הקסום של שני אחים במערכת השמש בחיפוש אחר כוכבי לכת נוספים, שניתן לגדל בהם פירות וירקות, וגלו את סודו של כדור הארץ ולמה הוא כה מיוחד.
טיול במערכת השמש, המלווה באיורים שמחים וצבעוניים, הוא דרך נפלאה לילדים לגלות וללמוד על החלל והעולם שלנו.
ספר ילדים מומלץ לגילאי 2-7, ניתן לראות וידאו של הספר ואף לרכוש בלינק הבא:

Stained glass moon with led lights

This beautiful lamp for my kids was made by my dad! He's a stained glass artist and his work is amazing.
It's not on our shop (yet) but I had to share!
My kids love it so much, they were so excited when they first saw it hanged on the wall.
It was very difficult (for my phone...) to take a decent the details aren't clear but it has 2 different types of yellow glass and a delicate sculpted led lights sting behind it. PERFECT!!
Thanks day!! and well done :)

Looking for a moon, sun and stars illustration to decorate your room?
See here-

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NEW Kawaii Solar System Pattern!

Our Kawaii Solar System design is really one of your favorites and we've decided to make a lighter version of it.
As you might recall, the original version has a dark gray background -

So we made this one with a white background and added some happy colorful stars for a more neutral look.

We're super excited about the new items we have. We now offer comforters, hooded blanket and kid's rash guard! 

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Serious Pug

Meet our royal pug with his serious look. This illustration suits both nurseries and home decor, for any age and any event. I personally, like the pug and the cat with attitude prints together. They have the same drawing style, same subject and attitude :)

I've collected a few popular items with our pug art, so here we go:
1. The above framed pug poster - from a certain size- it's definitely going to be your room's centerpiece :) Smaller sizes are super fun to have as a single frame or as a part of a group (ehhm, check out our cat poster if you still haven't). Find our framed pug posters here-

2. Pug tote bag - I just love those totes. Can't say it enough! :) It's chic and fun and you can choose your handles color. See it here-

3. Pug wall clock - Yes, this is on the popular items list, and it's time fo…

Easter bunny simple craft for toddlers

We went on a family vacation and I almost forgot to upload this cute Easter craft idea. I think it's a good one for toddlers with super short attention span haha :)  What I did is- cut a bunny silhouette and paste it over a folded card. Then you can choose your colors and tools - sponges, brushes and even hands. Paint / stamp around the bunny silhouette,  then, add some glitter, a bunny pom pom tail and only if you want - googly eyes and a face, but it looks good without as well.   You can make an Easter card that way or just make it for fun. Although I have a feeling some grandparents would be very happy receiving this from their grand kids :) 

In short- * Bunny silhouette (choose your favorite from google)
* glue
* a folded card
* acrylic paint for kids
* a pom pom
* google eyes (optional)
* glitter (not so optional :D )

Cut the bunny and paste it loosely on the card.
Paint / stamp around it.
Add some glitter
Glue the pom pom
Remove the bunny you've pasted to reveal the hid…